Literacy Program: We provide financial literacy books to students age 12-18 years to prepare for life to overcome financial obstacles. Books include banking, credit, stocks and real estate investment. The books are released nationwide to students each August and to participants of our Money Smart Week workshop.

How to Invest in the Stock Market 

How to Invest in Real Estate

Learn ways to acquire multiple streams of income

How to invest in the cannabis industry

How to invest with any income

Learn about stock options

Learn how to day trade

How to save & invest after attending college


Webinar * Teleconference * Workshop

Stack Your Stocks Program: The stack your stocks program informs and inspires students how to invest in the market by breaking down dividend yields, p/e ratio, performance and much more. He or she will learn to build their confidence and take the emotion out of investing. Each participant receives a $100,000 virtual account to begin investing. 

Brown Girls Do Inve$t also partner with various organizations and groups across the nation to provide events in your area, which includes webinars, teleconferences, and panel discussions. 


Youth Involvement


Live Recordings

Mentor Program: The mentor program is for those who desire to learn the tools and habits to practice before retirement age. This program is offered annually through an application process.    

Worth It Financial Program: The worth it financial program educate students about money, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship. The program defines the difference between needs and wants while building his or her self worth.