Bahiyah Shabazz (pronounced Bye'he'yah Sha'bazz) helps her community invest through wealth building to close the equity gap. Shabazz also works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to ensure outlook represents sound financial decisions. Through a financial and economic background, she advises on the economic forecast to increase cash flow through planning and investment.

Bahiyah is the owner of Brown Girls Do Invest and Decimalytics. She is also the author of multiple books and publications. Did we mention that Shabazz also enjoys her role as an Adjunct Faculty at Ivy Tech College teaching Economics? 

Bahiyah Shabazz is a Doctoral Candidate for the Doctor of Business Administration specializing in Finance at Walden University. She received her MBA from the University of Phoenix and Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University. She also has a Global Financial Crisis certificate from Yale University and a public policy certificate, behavior economics, and a former financial advisor.

Founder and Executive Director