Brown Girls Do Invest (BGDI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established to educate women to invest in stocks, real estate, and acquire multiple lines of income. We encourage women to invest their dollars to build a diverse financial portfolio. What sets us apart from our peers is that Brown Girls Do Invest established the first-ever investing tour for African American women where we travel throughout the United States to conduct panel discussions, workshops, Q&A, and more in the form of an educational conference. 

The organization also develops money management skills and positive behavior in academically motivated and underserved middle/high school children and working-class women to improve opportunities to build a diverse financial portfolio that includes stocks, real estate, and multiple lines of income. BGDI offers year-round, community-based programs: After-School Academy, Weekend Academy, and Summer Academy through the following programs: Stack Your Stocks educational meetings, which informs and inspires girls and women how to invest in the stock market and much more; Literacy Program, which provides financial literacy books to students ages 12-18 years to prepare for life to overcome financial obstacles and mentor program. The BGDI membership for digital products is offered in our Financial Hub Center. 


Who Are We!

Our Why!

Our mission is to empower and change the financial outlook of women. It is our goal to bring financial awareness to enrich the African American community to invest. 

Founded in February 2016 and organized as a 501(c) 3 in October 2016, we serve over 40,000 members, including students in the Gary, In. and Chicago area with the assistance of volunteer experts.