“I'm brand new at investing, and have a lot to learn, but these green lines for my Nike stock are exciting.”



Chicago, Illinois 

“I have increased my 401k contribution by 1%. I'm shooting for 15%."



East Chicago, Indiana

30 May 2017

Millennial: How to address your current finances and move toward investing presented by Melissa Humphrey 

BROWN GIRLS DO INVE$T mission is to empower and change the financial outlook of women. It is our goal to bring financial awareness to enrich the community and remind you to invest. BROWN GIRLS DO INVE$T encourage women to invest their dollars to build a diverse financial portfolio.

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"Eighty-six percent of women do not know how to invest or choose a financial product." According to Financial Experience & Behaviors among Women, 2010-2011 Prudential Research Study. 

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We recommend resources to further assist you in become financially sound and increase the balance of each retirement account. 

13 May 2017

Webinar: 5 Secrets to making money trading the stock market presented by Tela Holcomb

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