Feb 12:  How to Invest In the Hotel Industry

Feb 26:  Tax Strategies for Business Owners

April 19 - 25: BGDI Virtual Summit: Get Your Money Right w/ a 2020 Vision

May 20: Invest Platforms: How to Read Reports

June 14: REIT Investing and Dividend Income

July 15: 5 Step Action Plan to Take if You Experience Financial Difficulty

Aug 15 - How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Sept 26 - How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Oct - Kids Workshop: How to Invest in the Future**

The courses and events for 2020 are listed below. Please keep in mind the list may possibly revise as we add requested topics. 


There is not a cost to join the organization; however, we do request donations to participate in classes, webinars, and discussions to continue the movement. If you click on an available past webinar please donate to participate since registration is closed. We trust you are on the honor system and provide a donation in the following link...DONATIONS


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